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Since moving to Florida, I have been struck by how many educated people home school their children. This is mostly unheard of where I am from in Pennsylvania. It is a lively debate here. I was very struck one day that on a popular top 40s radio station, the DJ's had a discussion about homeschooling versus public schooling. Many homeschooled children called up to tell of their success stories. All of them were well spoken and had lively careers, a family, and friends. Some described how they graduated college very young. Others described how they went to work at just 16 learning life lessons early on. No one called up to defend public schooling. On the facebook page, however, the #1 defense for public schooling was, to my surprise, not so much that home schooled children would be socially inept, as is often the charge, but they "wouldn't know how to deal with bullies."

Even one of the DJ's questioned this supposed positive of public schools, saying it was more of a con of public schools than a pro. Some of the home schooled children's parents called up to address the issue, with one parent pointing out that other organizations that the children are involved in, such as sports, have bullies. So, hey great!, we have some bullies in our children's lives to deal with.

I personally would like to know where is the plan of how to teach children how to deal with bullies. The plan seems to be: simply expose them to it! They'll figure it out somehow.

There was a story just a few years back of an elderly woman who was riding a school bus with middle age children, and about 3 boys were taunting her, calling her old and fat. The old woman clearly wilted at this and was terribly upset. It was caught on camera and was a national news story. The reaction from across America was to set up a charity for the woman. The charity raised over $100,000, with the intent that the woman may be able to take a nice vacation.

Take note that this woman, an adult, was not expected to "deal with bullies." Most adults who took notice of the story had compassion for the woman. Yet somehow children are expected to have the skills to deal with such bullies.

As an adult, most of us do not deal with bullies on our own. If someone robs our house, we call the cops. Even at work, if there is a workplace bully, there are usually systems in place to deal with the bully.

I do not think that those who propose children go to public schools want them to "learn how to deal with" bullies but rather to accept bullies. The unspoken belief is that bullies exist, will always exist, and even should exist. So, forget about an ideal world where people actually deal with each other peacefully and rationally. Accept violence.

There is a program that actually teaches how to deal with bullies that I want to enthusiastically recommend. It is called Rad Kids. This program teaches children to deal with potential adult predators and bullies at school. To deal with predators, the program teaches children to fight back and make a scene. It teaches them to trust their instincts. They also teach children how to deal with bullies at school. This program has an actual plan and equips children with actual skills. The public schools, not so much. The next time you hear this debate about home schooling and the topic of bullying comes up, please, please, please, recommend this program.

So, public schools, keep your bullies. Apparently it is one of the few things you have going for you.

Amber Pawlik
August 25, 2013

The Lucky Mom: How to have a Happy Infant through Respect, Observation, and Understanding
Amber Pawlik
This book is a guide to being that "lucky" parent with the happy baby. It is a very concise book with thoroughly cross-referenced information for parents regarding sleeping and eating habits and the intellectual and physical growth of an infant. A philosophy is presented of respecting the child where the parent observes the child for signs of hunger, sleep, or other needs, and responds appropriately. This book will give you much of the information you need as a parent in just a few hours!

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